Funding Rochester's Real Estate Investments Since 1986

Since 1986, Tompkins Lending has provided investors with millions of dollars of mortgage-backed securities on Upstate New York real estate. Our conservative scrutiny of mortgage requests and extremely low default rate has earned us the trust of our investors, many of whom have been investing with Tompkins lending for decades.

While any investment has some element of risk, our investors have been rewarded with secure, high-return yields, thanks to our rigorous underwriting process.

Our Expectations For You

Diversify your portfolio and improve your return with high-yield first mortgages. 

Private mortgages are one of the safest investment vehicles, and always collateralized by real estate to protect against loan defaults. Our equity-based lending criteria is typically conservative and offers further protection against market volatility. Our investors can typically expect to make returns of 8-11%.

Once a loan is closed, you’ll receive a full set of loan documents and monthly interest only payments ranging serviced by Tompkins Lending. Prepayment penalties are in place to offer you additional interest if a borrower decides to pay off early, and once a loan balloons, we have the option to extend it or request a payoff.

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